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Charlotte awarded $16.9M in Street Aid

Charlotte has received $16.9 million in State Street Aid funding from the North Carolina Department of Transportation, the largest amount given to 508 total municipalities across the state.

Funds from State Street Aid, also known as the Powell Bill Fund, can be used for building or maintaining roads. The money can also be spent on bikeways and sidewalks, as long as they’re along public streets or highways.

The state had $128.9 million to give out this year, $3 million less than 2009 because of decreased revenues from the state gas tax and other highway user fees that fund State Street Aid. Funding is allocated annually based on a municipality’s population and the number of city-owned streets. Charlotte’s amount was based on its estimated population of 711,349 and its 2,396 miles of city-maintained streets.

Raleigh received the second-highest amount, $8.7 million, followed by Greensboro, $6.5 million, Winston-Salem, $5.9 million, and Durham, $5.4 million.

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