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‘The Wall’ expected to still lure homeless: Businesses say vandalism, public urination rampant (access required)

By Sam Boykin and Deon Roberts Nalin Patel is fed up. As general manager at the Days Inn on North Tryon Street, he said he’s had to deal with homeless people loitering outside his hotel, bothering guests and vandalizing the building for more than 15 years. It’s not uncommon for Patel to show up for his night shift and find people camped out behind the property, with litter strewn everywhere. “There’s always problems,” he said. Some of the homeless Patel complains about could be part of the crowds that gather near “The Wall,” a stretch of Phifer Avenue near the Hal Marshall Center. Ministries feed the homeless at The Wall throughout the week, earning the scorn of businesses who say the homeless are defecating and urinating in public, loitering and destroying their property. Plans call for providing a nearby, Mecklenburg County-owned building at 618 N. College St. as a place to relocate the feeding.

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  1. As I read this article I kept wanting to hear some “ideas” or “solutions” from the business owners instead of complaints. I understand that the homeless are somewhat of a nuisance during the day light hours, but instead of trying complaining and trying to force them away..how about offering them jobs? As a resident amongst the homeless, I would like to point out that we have a form of respect for each other that can be used as a means of protecting those establishments from their current problems. How much would it cost to hire a homeless man for a few hours a day to clean up and unofficially “patrol and protect ” their business. Not only will this help them with the deification and urinal situation it will also be helping an individual off the streets. some clubs down town hire some of the homeless after work early morning to take out the trash or sweep up. This is a major moral boost to those doing it. While they may not “officially” have a job they are earning an income and pass the word throughout the homeless community to be more respectful toward those establishments. Just an idea. If you like or don’t email me your thoughts, if you need help with this email me for direction.

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