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A delicate discussion: Selling hospice care (access required)

By Hannah Mitchell CHARLOTTE –In the summer of 2008, Lisa Muse’s husband, Tom, visited his doctor for treatment of a common cold, but left with a diagnosis of untreatable lung cancer. Like many couples, the Muses, of Charlotte, hadn’t even discussed dying, let alone planned for it. But Tom’s pain became nearly unbearable, so they were open to options to toughing it out in a hospital. Then a hospice nurse visited the couple in Tom’s room at Carolinas Medical Center-University and suggested hospice as a way to ease Tom’s pain and improve his remaining days. Lisa hesitated. Neither she nor Tom knew much about hospice, only that it implied the inevitability of death, which she wasn’t ready to accept. But Tom’s pain convinced her.

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  1. Thank you for this very important article. Hospice provides invaluable services not only at the end of life but to help people who endure pain with a life threatening illness. They are wonderful!

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