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Make a decision already (access required)

By Austin Light Ever been behind a person at a restaurant who can’t decide what they want? It’s frustrating, isn’t it? You’re ready to order but they’re standing there with their mouth open gazing at the menu with an obnoxious “Uhhhhhh,” as if that helps them choose faster. My wife says she does it, every time, just to make sure she isn’t missing anything; all options must be considered. I can understand that, but there are people waiting, and a choice has to be made. I’ve read several blog posts and articles recently about Gen Y’s indecisiveness, in business and in culture. I’ve heard people talk about how we like to weigh all our options, we don’t do things for the sake of tradition, or we select little pieces of things we sort of like — religions, business plans, diets — and use them to make something of our own.

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  1. Austin,
    Right on man. I’ve been challenged in the last year to stop “weighing” and start deciding. I encounter many young folks in my line of work, and I’m challenging them as I often as I can. Too often we’re so worried about making the wrong decision we end up being paralyzed into making no decision. No one’s hero ever became a hero through constant deliberation. Hero status is attained through action. Good words.

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