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IT workers hard to find, despite growing demand (access required)

By Austin Light CHARLOTTE — Local staffing agencies say there’s a shortage in the IT employment field, and it’s not due to a lack of jobs, but a lack of people to fill them. Frances Queen, CEO of Queen Associates Inc., a business and technology consulting and staffing firm based in Charlotte, said the shortage has been around for “quite a while,” but it’s been masked by the struggling economy. “There was so much press given to jobs going offshore when large companies started outsourcing that everyone thought there were no more jobs here,” Queen said. “That hurt us because college kids didn’t go into those careers, and now we need them.” Those careers include software developers, network systems and data communications analysts, programmers and computer engineers. Queen said she has seen more activity in those fields lately, with the past two months being her company’s busiest all year. The jump is especially unusual around the holidays, she said.

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  1. I find this article hard to believe …layoffs in IT are all over the place….

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