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Certified expert (access required)

By Austin Light I wrote a story a couple of weeks ago on social media “experts,” and it sparked quite a bit of debate on our blog. Before that, I wrote about Eco Carolinas, a company offering a green business certification, with no verification, and that too got people talking. Yes, there’s a point to this beyond patting myself on the back. The biggest takeaway from those articles was “Buyer beware: Self-proclaimed experts and shiny certifications aren’t always what they seem.” Anytime a new technology or industry starts to gain steam, you can be sure there will be “certifiers” looking to make money from making it official. Now, I don’t think all of those certifications are bad (having talked with Neil Swiacki of Eco Carolinas in person, I believe his heart is in the right place), but many of them are scams.

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