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DOT ordered to pay: Court ruling expected to spur hundreds of new eminent domain suits
Posted by: Phillip Bantz on 2015-03-02
For Winston-Salem lawyer Matthew Bryant, the recent North Carolina Court of Appeals decision that holds the state Department of Transportation liable for misusing the Map Act was an I-told-you-so moment six years in the making. Bryant sent a letter in 2009 asking the DOT to rethink its position on the Map Act, and when the…
ON THE LEVEL: Maren Brisson-Kuester: New CRRA president talks technology and the housing market — and curling up with a good set of listings
Posted by: Roberta Fuchs on 2015-01-20
Photo by Roberta Fuchs Maren Brisson-Kuester describes herself as a worker bee. She volunteered for over a decade at the Charlotte Regional Realtors Association before recently being named its 2015 president. The 35-year-old juggles a hectic schedule: She is a broker with Cottingham Chalk Hayes Realtors, the mother of two young boys, and president…
Foreclosures fall to 2006 levels
Posted by: Sharon Roberts, editor on 2015-01-18
The number of homes in the Charlotte area that faced some step of the foreclosure process in 2014 was the lowest since 2006, according year-end data released by real estate information provider RealtyTrac. The Charlotte region’s foreclosure rate in 2014, 1.13 percent of all mortgaged homes, placed it 43rd among the 212 statistical areas measured….
Immigration changes could boost housing sales
Posted by: Roberta Fuchs on 2014-11-21
President Barack Obama’s decision to weather a Republican backlash and reform immigration regulations could have a significant impact on the housing market. In allowing millions of undocumented residents to work legally and avoid the threat of deportation, Obama is opening a door to a sector of society formerly living in the shadow economy. The question…
RENOVATION REPORT: 2308 Vernon Drive
Posted by: Roberta Fuchs on 2014-10-10
Eric Layne has flipped more than 40 homes in the past six. Now he has torn down a Cape Cod-style house on Vernon Drive and is building a new home on the site. Photo by Roberta Fuchs Eric Layne has always admired houses. He drew them as a child, constructed them while in college,…
A longer path to Knowledge Park
Posted by: Eric Dinkins on 2014-09-25
Rock Hill is working with public and private partners to develop Knowledge Park, a mixed-use development partly located on the site of the former Rock Hill Printing and Finishing Co., or Bleachery. File photo Rock Hill’s long-term development project aimed at revitalizing the city’s ‘Bleachery’ textile site has experienced some setbacks since the director…
Levine digs in: First Ward redevelopment project – decades in the making – breaks ground
Posted by: Eric Dinkins on 2014-09-19
City and council officials join representatives of civic organizations and developer Daniel Levine, second from left, in ceremoniously breaking ground for Levine’s redevelopment of 23 acres in the First Ward. Photo by Eric Dinkins After more than 30 years of amassing 23 acres of land in center city, Levine Properties’ First Ward development project…
Housing market still far from ‘normal’
Posted by: Jim Woodard on 2014-05-27
Future home price expectations are a key motivator for today’s buyers. This and other affordability factors will determine the speed of our total housing recovery. More than 100 experts are split on the root causes of mounting housing affordability concerns in several large housing markets nationwide and expect home values to end the year up…
Renovation Report: Myers Park Place redevelopment
Posted by: Payton Guion, staff writer on 2014-03-15
CHARLOTTE – Poor, poor Stratford; everyone wants to knock her down. The apartment complex, like much of the development along Park Road near Woodlawn Road, is aged and happens to be on a site primed for redevelopment. The Park and Woodlawn intersection and nearby Montford Drive have become a new hotspot in the city, with…
Home price appreciation continues, but should level off
Posted by: Graziella Steele and Tony Brown on 2014-02-05
Prices for single-family homes continue to rise in the Charlotte metro area, according to data just released in CoreLogic’s December Home Price Index and in Clear Capital’s latest Home Data Index, which includes January sales. But both reports say that price increases are also continuing to cool, in Charlotte and nationally. CoreLogic, based in Greater…

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