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State senator says energy efficiency bill isn’t dead (access required)

State senator says energy efficiency bill isn’t dead <span class="dmcss_key_icon"><img alt="(access required)" src="/files/2013/10/lock1.png" border=0/></span>

House Bill 201, a bill that would reinstate 2009 energy efficiency standards in commercial construction, appeared to be sailing through the North Carolina General Assembly in mid-June.Then, on June 24, it again was removed from the calendar and referred to a committe, casting doubt on whether the bill would receive a vote during this legislative session. But Sen. Andrew Brock said he thinks the bill will come out of committee and be back in front of the Senate within the next couple of weeks.

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Crapshoot (access required)

Two years ago, Dan McQueen had the idea of turning horse manure into a pile of cool cash. But York County’s zoning nearly turned his plan into a pile of something else. It took raising a stink, and nearly four ...

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