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Construction and Real Estate

Crooks target construction sites (access required)


Across Charlotte and the rest of North Carolina, construction sites have become the target of thieves looking to make a fast buck off the reselling of metal. To discourage would-be crooks, some sites have been armed with cameras – and people carrying guns.

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Bond blues (access required)


Under the city’s rules, developers can either build sidewalks before the subdivision is platted – so they can sell lots with sidewalks already in place – or they can put sidewalks in after the plating. But some developers say the city’s two options are flawed.

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Listing laments: What makes homebuyers run screaming (access required)

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The first time she and her husband toured it, Sharon George wasn't impressed with the house off Providence Road. It only took a few minutes for the unkempt home to turn her off. George said, “This is a shame, because this house really has potential.'” For George, who is no different than many homebuyers who encounter turnoffs when looking for a new home, there is more to house-hunting than just location.

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