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Construction and Real Estate

More Meck foreclosures expected (access required)

So far this year, Mecklenburg County residential foreclosure filings are down by 525 from the same period last year. In the first eight months of 2009 there were 8,285 filings in the county, down 7 percent from 7,760 filings this ...

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Burning issue (access required)

Most people flip a light switch or turn on their TV without ever considering what happens to the byproducts created when coal is burned to generate power. But coal ash, one of the byproducts of burning coal, has become a ...

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Trash is treasure to Charlotte businesswoman (access required)

The saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” holds especially true for Charlotte businesswoman Linda Holden. Raised by Depression-era parents who didn’t believe in throwing anything away, Holden applies her parents’ principles to her construction and demolition business, The ...

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Twilight Zoning (access required)

As Charlotte-area restaurant owners struggle to bring home the bacon in the current economy, some are adding entertainment as a way to bring in more customers. But by trying to rake in the dough, they might be breaking zoning laws ...

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Green house suspicions (access required)

When government officials convene in Charlotte next month to consider requiring new U.S. homes to be built to high energy-efficiency standards, Danny Kelly will be concerned. The green builder in him is happy about the proposed building code changes. All ...

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Turf battle (access required)

At a time when Charlotte is trying to save its diminishing tree canopy, some homeowners are questioning why the city plans to cut down mature trees in their yards to install stormwater-management devices. Trees are on the chopping block in ...

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