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Security deposit can’t be used as rent (access required)

DEAR BENNY: I own five rental homes that are managed by a management company. On my monthly statement, the company listed a forfeited security deposit as “rents received” and charged me a 10 percent management fee. I believe that his ...

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Don’t spend that escrow windfall (access required)

DEAR BENNY: We moved to Jacksonville, Fla., in 2010, but still own a home in Pensacola that we are renting to some friends. We got a check in the mail for an alleged overpayment from escrow. I remember telling my wife they had the home insurance wrong on the HUD-1 form, so we figured it was discovered and they reimbursed us. So we used the money to pay bills.

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Get rid of an uspide-down second home (access required)

DEAR BENNY: We live in California and own a second home within five miles of our primary residence. This second home has been used as a rental, initially to persons we were not connected with in any way. For the past 10 years, two different sets of relatives who were in need of a new start in life lived in the home.

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