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NC presidential primary poised for earlier date

North Carolina Republican leaders have decided it's time the state's voters get near the front of the pack for good in choosing the next president. But how North Carolina cut in line this summer for 2016 is riling up its close neighbor because the primary would bump up against South Carolina's prized first-in-the-South designation, threatening its influence. The national parties could penalize the state, too.

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REBOOT 2.0: Permits up $212.9M in 20 dark days (access required)

REBOOT 2.0: Permits up $212.9M in 20 dark days <span class="dmcss_key_icon"><img alt="(access required)" src="/files/2013/10/lock1.png" border=0/></span>

The computer system went down again, and the economy stayed down again, but the value of Mecklenburg County building permits surged by $212.9 million during a 20-day period that ended Thursday. That was nearly double the value of permits issued in previous 20 days, and nearly double the same 20 days last year.

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Deconstructing economic theory (access required)

Traditional economic theory says people follow jobs. In the Queen City over the last four to five years, however, jobs have either decreased or remained relatively stagnant while the city continues to attract migrants, said Bill Graves, assistant professor of economic geography at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

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