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Some issues too complex for boilerplate forms (access required)

I cannot recommend using boilerplate forms – even those where you can tailor this to your particular state. Because forms are created to deal with the most basic issues, and do not take into consideration different situations. And forms cannot answer any questions or even provide you advice.

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Under the same roof with different insurers (access required)

Carefully read every page of every document you will have to sign at settlement (escrow), and if you do not understand something, ask. If the settlement person is not able or willing to explain, check with your attorney. In fact, if at all possible, consumers should be able to review all of the proposed documents at least one day before the final settlement takes place.

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Microsoft breakup might allow investor to get even (access required)

Microsoft is so huge that it can take a week for a letter mailed from its boardroom to reach the CEO's office in the same building. Size is wonderful if you're a wall, a planet or an oil well but counterproductive if you're competing in a "Jack be nimble, Jack be quick" world of instant-gratification technology.

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Internet user take steps to ensure privacy (access required)

Recent studies have shown that most people start their search for a new home by accessing sites on the Internet, in addition to handling many financial affairs online. However, a growing proportion of online users have become very skeptical about privacy issues related to their online use.

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House bill would treat condos like homes (access required)

Thousands of condominiums and housing cooperatives that were damaged when Sandy struck the East Coast last year learned – after the fact – that they were not eligible for money grants from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Unlike single-family homes, which can get both grants and loans, community associations are considered “business associations” and are only entitled to loans. As we all know, loans have to be repaid; grants do not.

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Partitioning property divides family (access required)

Partition is a matter of right throughout this country, although different states have different rules and procedures. When two or more people own property, and someone wants out of the transaction, they either have to reach a friendly (out-of-court) agreement, or file suit in court for what is called “partition.”

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Lower consumer earnings means lower retail revenues (access required)

Why is it that Macy's, which used to be my favorite department store, and now Wal-Mart and other retailers, are reporting lower earnings and slowdowns in revenues? The financial data report low interest rates, better employment and good home sales, and that General Motors, Ford and Chrysler are selling cars and making huge profits. What's wrong here?

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