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The golden ticket is within your grasp (access required)

Who is Roald Dahl? He wrote “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” in 1964. You may have seen “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory,” the original starring Gene Wilder, or “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” the darker version (not dark chocolate) ...

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The gold rush is on again but beware of scams (access required)

Dear Mr. Berko: You’ve written several cautionary articles about selling gold but nothing about buying gold. I’m considering investing $35,000 in gold coins or bullion and would appreciate your opinion of Goldline International, which is touted by Glen Beck. If ...

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For some, Irene 
was big and bad (access required)

RALEIGH — Hurricanes prompt a strange human response. As the storms near land, everyone in their potential path is riveted. Fear of physical or financial harm, awe at the power of nature and curiosity about the situation’s unpredictability all enter ...

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Beware of hidden foreclosure fees (access required)

Dear Benny: I recently was the successful bidder on a condo. The closing was within 15 days of the sale, and a special warranty deed was conveyed for the amount of my bid. The closing agent told me after the ...

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