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Hard work makes luck

I was walking in the parking lot of my local Starbucks with Gabrielle, my 2-year-old daughter, in my arms, when a guy came over and started to talk to me. He told me he’d seen me give two different seminars ...

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When politicians miss the point

RALEIGH — If politicians want to understand why the public doesn’t hold them in higher esteem, they should probably consider just how often they miss they basic points of the matters before them. It’s those larger, missed points that become ...

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Is your mission statement just hot air?

Can you recite your mission statement? Come on. You’ve seen it a hundred times, maybe a thousand times. It’s some drivel about being No. 1, exceeding expectations and building shareholder value that contains other nonsensical words that mean nothing to ...

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Borrowing from Peter to pay Peter

Dear Mr. Berko: About five years ago, you guest-lectured to an economic class in Columbus with a fascinating explanation of why the rich must become richer to guarantee economic activity. I lost my notes, and now I’m hoping against hope ...

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