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The Jetsons will live in smaller, ‘greener’ homes (access required)

Evolving trends will result in some dramatic changes in the design and features incorporated in future new homes. Most significant changes include generally smaller-sized homes, more "green" elements and high-tech capabilities, larger great rooms, higher ceilings, inclusion of an office or special-interest room and more fireplaces.

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Some timeless tips on time shares (access required)

DEAR READERS: I frequently receive questions about how to get rid of a time share. I must admit that my response thus far has been less than satisfactory. I once suggested that the time share be donated to a church ...

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Procter makes good long-term gamble (access required)

Dear Mr. Berko: We’ve never been in the stock market but are comfortably retired for 11 years. We only own CDs, government bonds and annuities, because we don’t like to take chances. Both our pensions are annuities. We read your ...

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