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Marriage, yes; mortgage, no (access required)

DEAR BENNY: I recently got engaged and have plans to have my new fiancé move into my house.  I am currently the sole owner of the home.  We have a wedding date scheduled for over two years from now.  He ...

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HELOC for mortgage = havoc (access required)

A RESPONSE FROM A READER:   In your answer to the question about using the home equity line to pay off the balance of the person’s mortgage, I have something to add.  You were very right about the dangers of a ...

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Hand to Cohan: Get estimates (access required)

DEAR BENNY: I built my own house.  At first I stuffed receipts into a folder but toward the end when things got hectic, I forgot.  I probably have receipts amounting to a quarter of what I believe I spent, land ...

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If ‘qualified intermediary’ isn’t (access required)

DEAR BENNY: I have been considering a 1031 action for some time, and I have wondered what happens if the intermediary holding the escrowed funds goes bankrupt. Is the intermediary allowed to co-mingle my funds with funds of the company? ...

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You need the power to sell the house (access required)

DEAR BENNY: My mother had to be moved to a nursing home from her “independent living” house. This is a very small retirement community and is connected to an “assisted living” facility next-door. People who live in the independent homes ...

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Second mortgage snarls deed-in-lieu (access required)

DEAR BENNY: In a recent article about deeds-in-lieu of foreclosure, you didn’t discuss what happens to second mortgages or other claims on title. Are they automatically assumed by the bank? – Tracy   DEAR TRACY: You are absolutely correct that ...

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