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Avoid TIPS, dump Yahoo and pick up Dominion

Dear Mr. Berko: In various columns from several years ago, you recommended Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities. And in the past two years, you haven’t written a word about them. Is inflation still a problem? Also, what is your current opinion on ...

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The gold rush is on again but beware of scams

Dear Mr. Berko: You’ve written several cautionary articles about selling gold but nothing about buying gold. I’m considering investing $35,000 in gold coins or bullion and would appreciate your opinion of Goldline International, which is touted by Glen Beck. If ...

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Steer clear of all things Goldman Sachs

Dear Mr. Berko: We have a large family trust (there are six of us), and we’re seeking tax-free income. A local adviser speaks highly of the Goldman Sachs High-Yield Municipal Fund. He intends to use other Goldman funds for growth. ...

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Investing in strip malls is for stupids

Dear Mr. Berko: I’ve enclosed some information from a private-placement limited partnership that will own and manage a portfolio of strip mall shopping centers. According to my broker, this investment will pay 7.2 percent, most of which will be tax-free. ...

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