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the stream (access required)

The North Carolina Technology Association is hosting two briefings with politicians this month. One of them is today in Charlotte. But, surprisingly, the NCTA will not be using the ubiquitous technology that is streaming live video online to make the ...

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Scary calories (access required)

Nothing says Halloween like pancakes, right? Glendale, Calif.-based International House of Pancakes, which has four Charlotte locations, certainly thinks so, and it is offering “Scary Face Pancakes” during October. The promotion includes an oversized buttermilk pancake with a whipped topping ...

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The straight dope (access required)

The following is a public service announcement. Charlotte, like some other U.S. cities, is facing a shortage of Adderall, the common prescription for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. This might explain why your neighbor’s child seems to be bouncing off the walls ...

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Making headlines (access required)

It’s not easy being in the news business. You’re poor, the world expects you to give content away for free, flacks are constantly pitching you their lame story ideas. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Nobody forced us to go into this line ...

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Drugs and art (access required)

Where would you put a mural dedicated to your town’s history? On the side of city hall? Maybe the police station? What about a CVS pharmacy? That’s the location Mandy Edwards, of the town’s Historical Preservation Committee, is suggesting to ...

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An unwanted union (access required)

Democrats have long been fawning over unions, and that love fest isn’t going to be put on pause next year just because the Democratic National Convention will be held in Charlotte. DNC organizers aren’t letting up in their calls for ...

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