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Liz Etheredge (access required)


When Liz Etheredge first met her husband-to-be, Howard Etheredge, he came with a maintenance-painting business and two small children. By the time the couple was engaged in 1994, she was part of the team and working in the family business, ...

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Natalie Haskins English (access required)


Natalie Haskins English likes to tell people she is “an inch deep and a mile wide.” As senior vice president for public policy with the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce, Haskins English juggles many priorities. From traveling to Raleigh on legislative ...

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Jodi Dodds (access required)


Dr. Jodi Dodds sets high standards for herself. In 2011, at the age of 32, she took her career as a neurovascular physician to a new level when she led the way in establishing a comprehensive neuroscience center at the ...

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Bygie Dixon (access required)


Bygie Dixon considers her life, her career, and her experiences a journey, one based on faith, hard work, and overcoming obstacles. Dixon, who grew up in North Carolina, was a young runaway. “I ran away from North Carolina to the ...

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Crystal Dempsey (access required)


On her company’s website, Crystal Dempsey describes herself as a storyteller, former journalist, social media advocate, connector, instigator, raging extrovert, rock-solid fan of the arts, and bandwagon fan of sports. In 2009, Dempsey took a leap of faith and raised ...

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Martha Hawkins Curran (access required)


Martha Curran has won six elections and is serving in her 22nd year as Clerk of Superior Court in Mecklenburg County, but she doesn’t take her success for granted. “Going to law school, graduating, taking and passing two bar exams ...

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Laura Clark (access required)

Laura Clark- Renaissance West Community Initiative

Laura Clark doesn’t have kids of her own, but she believes a person does not have to be a parent to care about children. “It is fundamental to our community’s health to ensure that all children are nurtured, well-educated and ...

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Kelly Chopus (access required)

Kelly Chopus_WEB

Kelly Chopus loved her job as director of community relations at Goodrich Corporation, but after six years in that position, it all came to an end when Goodrich was acquired by United Technologies Corporation. Through it all, Chopus faced the ...

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Marilyn Celenza (access required)


Nearly 20 years ago, Marilyn Celenza suffered a near tragedy when her daughter almost died from an illness contracted in a restaurant playground. “She spent more than a week hospitalized, and I almost lost her twice from fecal contamination,” Celenza ...

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Mara Campolungo (access required)


Mara Campolungo, a self-described serial entrepreneur, has worked as a radio and television reporter, a marketing and branding specialist, a print-marketing specialist and a consultant to the hospitality industry. In 2011, she set her business endeavors aside and jumped feet ...

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