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Nancy Nestor (access required)


Even Nancy Nestor’s experience as a talented special-education teacher could not prepare her for the challenges she faced when her son was diagnosed with autism. “My skill was to help those with disabilities make progress, despite their academic limitations,” she ...

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Brandy B. Milazzo (access required)


Brandy Milazzo grew up knowing that when things went wrong, she always could turn to her grandmother and always would walk away from those conversations with a better perspective. “I’d call her every time I was really upset and had ...

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Marcia Merrill (access required)


Marcia Merrill is a traveler, an artist, an entrepreneur, and the mother of twin boys born when Merrill and her husband were living in Tokyo, Japan. She reflects on her Tokyo years when she thinks about grit and fortitude. “I’ve ...

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Carolyn P. Meade (access required)


If Carolyn Meade could go back to college, she’d return to the University of Virginia, her alma mater, and take an international seminar in Bangladesh, Panama or Argentina. “I’d love the chance to travel and to integrate the liberal arts ...

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Marie McLucas (access required)


Marie McLucas would not be hurt or even surprised if anyone referred to her as a difficult person. She might even agree, with just one clarification – she is also fair and honest. “My mentor and boss, Bill Seymour, describes ...

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Judge Rickye McKoy-Mitchell (access required)


Judge Rickye McKoy-Mitchell is convinced she would have been considered an at-risk youth when she was growing up if it were not for her family, friends and community members who stepped up to the plate and helped her fulfill her ...

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Kelly McKay (access required)


Kelly McKay sees herself as a muscle-car sort of woman. “Like a Dodge Charger,” she says. “I like to surprise people and think I would do that by rolling up in a sweet-looking muscle car with a V8 hemi engine.” ...

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Crystal Williams Mayer (access required)


Crystal Williams Mayer was just 27 when she was diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2006. She was also seven months pregnant with her first child. “I’ll be honest; I was scared,” she says. “Not only did I worry about myself, ...

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Michelle Long (access required)


Michelle Long admits defining mere “satisfaction” is a tough thing to ask a perfectionist to tackle. “I find satisfaction when I’m able to see the positive results of a project or performance,” she says. “Whether it is a play I’m ...

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Moira LoCascio (access required)

Moira LoCasio Mclaughlin Young Group

Moira LoCascio’s favorite expression is “taking a pause,” because she has learned to pause before reacting to a difficult person or situation. She has had plenty of practice to develop this successful strategy. As CEO of the McLaughlin Young Group, ...

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