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KASS: Refinancing a HAMP loan (access required)

Q:     In 2011, I was approved and obtained a loan modification thru the making homes affordable program (HAMP). It was set at a lower interest rate for 5 years, then it is to increase 1% a year till it reaches ...

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KASS: Different types of deeds explained (access required)

Q:     In the past, you have explained the various ways homeowners can take title. But aren’t there several different types of deed? Carrie. A:       Dear Carrie: Yes, oversimplified , there are three different types of deeds. First, there is a ...

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KASS: Consider loan options before buying (access required)

DEAR BENNY: We are first time homebuyers and are confused about the many mortgage programs. Can you summarize what is available? – Cristie DEAR CRISTIE: First, go to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (www.consumerfinance.gov); there is a wealth of information ...

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