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Mecklenburg County vacancy rates rise, but so do rents

CHARLOTTE — Mecklenburg County office vacancy rates rose less than 1 percentage point in the fourth quarter, but rents rose, too, according to a Karnes Research Co. report released today.

The county’s average vacancy rate for all classes of office space climbed to 17.3 percent, a .02 percent increase from the third quarter.

Class A and B vacancies increased, while they fell in Class C. Class A vacancies roes to 16 percent from 15.8 percent in the third quarter. Vacancy rates in Class B rose to 21.2 percent from 20.8 percent over the same period. In Class C, the vacancy rate fell to 27.9 percent from 28.2 percent.

The average rent in the Charlotte office market increased to $22.29, up 19 cents from the third quarter.

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