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Johnson C. Smith University requests rezoning for science building

Johnson C. Smith proposed science building

A rendering from a rezoning application shows what Johnson C. Smith University's proposed science building might look like.

Johnson C. Smith University has asked the city to rezone about 3.1 acres so the school can build a 68,885-square-foot science building at 100 Beatties Ford Road.

If the school receives the rezoning — from residential multifamily pedestrian to residential multifamily pedestrian-optional — it will also be able to put a parking lot between the new science building and Beatties Ford Road, adding about 42 parking spaces to the campus.

The area for which the science building has been planned is in a pedestrian district, where, typically, parking lots aren’t allowed between buildings and roads.

Also thanks to the rules that apply to pedestrian districts, the science building cannot be taller than 65 feet.

The City Council is expected to hold a public hearing on the request Sept. 24. The city’s planning department has not yet given its opinion on the request.

To view the university’s plans, click here.

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  1. Saw this article on zoning for the new Johnson C. Smith science building.

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