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Re/Max relocates to larger digs in SouthPark

When Re/Max Executive began to outgrow its SouthPark office, CEO Hadi Atri had to look for a new home.

The Coltsgate Commons building, at 2901 Coltsgate Road, caught his attention.

The first floor of the four-story, 19,046-square-foot needed to be renovated, though. But the renovation would not be simple.

“Our biggest problem was we didn’t have access to an as-built plan for the building as it stands today,” said Atri. “That meant we didn’t know where anything was as far as plumbing and electricity.”

Atri, who began working with Re/Max Executive in 2009 and has been owner of Charlotte-based Shance Construction since 1997, had Shance head up renovations.


Re/Max Executive relocated to the Coltsgate Commons building in SouthPark April 1 after it outgrew its old office. Its new space is 9,500 square feet, an increase of 2,000 square feet over its former office. Photo by Scott Baughman

“The building’s owners – T. Hall Enterprises, here in Charlotte – gave us a list of three contractors they recommended,” Atri said. “But I didn’t want us to be at the mercy of some other contractor’s schedule before we could move into our new home.”

Instead, they would be at the mercy of plumbing. Atri said it took a few days to figure out how to shut off the water for the first floor. When they finally did, they accidentally cut off water to the whole building.

That was not a good thing for the dentist on the second floor, who was in the middle of performing a root canal, Atri said.

Next question: Where’s the water heater?

“According to our paperwork, there was a separate water heater installed just for the first floor,” he said. “We never found it, so we put a new one in ourselves.”

Shance, which began the renovation project the first week of January, finished it the last week of March.

“We moved in on April 1, and not a moment too soon,” Atri said. “Our lease at our old location ended March 30, so we just made it.”

Re/Max now occupies the entire first floor of the building, which Charlotte-based Brackett Flagship Properties manages.

Before the renovation, there were three separate suites on the first floor. Shance combined them into one suite to house Re/Max’s new, 9,500-square-foot home.

“We needed the extra space,” said Cindy Sikorski, broker-in-charge for the new office. “Our former office in SouthPark (at 6842 Morrison Blvd.) was only 7,500 square feet.”

Sikorski said Re/Max Executive has been in the SouthPark area since the company began in 1998. Over the past 12 months, the company has opened four new or renovated locations, including the one on Coltsgate Road, she said. It now has seven offices in the Charlotte area.

During the recession, Re/Max Executive bought Re/Max at the Lake to form a Mooresville and Cornelius office. The company also merged with the former Re/Max Signature to form the company’s Concord office and opened a new office in Fort Mill, S.C.

Sikorski said the company plans a May 19 open house for the new SouthPark office.

SCOTT BAUGHMAN can be reached at scott.baughman@mecktimes.com.

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