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Surveying and plotting: What does the future hold for Charlotte real estate?

A new year offers a blank slate, an opportunity for a fresh vision and a time to reflect on the accomplishments and struggles of the previous year.

As we head into 2012, The Mecklenburg Times wants to know what our real estate industry readers have to say about 2011 and what you expect from the new year.

If you’re sensing growth or believe the Great Recession will continue to plague the Charlotte area, please tell us about it. We encourage you to be as specific as possible. Also, your responses might be used in news coverage.

Please take a few moments to share your observations with us by sending your responses to the following eight questions to editor@mecktimes.com. Please include your name, title and company.

Editor Deon Roberts will resume his normal column when he returns from holiday break. We wish our readers a safe holiday season and a prosperous 2012.

1. What kind of year do you
expect 2012 to be?

2. How was 2011 for your
business? Give specific examples.

3. What are your hiring
plans for 2012?

4. Do you plan to expand
or make cuts in 2012?

5. In what sections of the Charlotte area do you see opportunity?

6. Is the Great Recession over
for you and your business?

7. What signs are giving you
hope as a new year begins?

8. What signs are discouraging?

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