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He dips his 
brush in what?

Some of the world’s most famous artists were also serious boozehounds.

Jackson Pollock, who helped spearhead the abstract expressionism movement, was a notorious alcoholic and died in a 1956 drunk-driving accident.

And troubled Dutch artist Vincent Van Gough was also known to hit the sauce. (He liked him some absinthe, they say.)

Now, Chris Martin, of the Akron, Ohio-based Whiskey Painters of America, is keeping the relationship between artists and hootch alive.

Martin, who will be the featured artist at the Mooresville Art Guild’s Oct. 25 meeting, is among artists who are into making small watercolor paintings using some form of alcohol, as well as “sipping the alcohol, thereby enhancing the painting experience,” according to WPA’s website.

Now that’s an artistic movement we can get behind.

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