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A retweet 
gone wrong

Like some other pols in Charlotte, City Councilman Andy Dulin maintains a Twitter account. He’s pretty prolific, making multiple tweets throughout the day most days on matters as mundane as the fried chicken he ate to those of more import, such as politics.

One of Dulin’s recent posts made for an interesting retweet.

A week ago, wanting to express his satisfaction with community-minded, outgoing Charlotte women, Dulin tweeted the following about WBT radio talk show host Stacey Simms, who had been giving out free coffee at a meet-and-greet:

“#clt is full of nice ladies. @staceysimms is at the head of the line. A real asset to our community. Good to see you Stacey @ Panera Bread.”

But when his comment was retweeted, it was shortened to this unfortunate and not-so-flattering post:

“// RT @PlacesSC Buzz for Panera RT @adulin #CLT is full of nice ladies. @staceysimms is at the head of the line. A real ass …”

With a projected loss of $10 billion this year, administrators at the U.S. Postal Service know they need to cut costs, and in Charlotte that means new technology to sort mail so letter carriers don’t have to do it.

The USPS has set up one of the new machines at the post office on Carmel Road. The thinking is, because letter carriers no longer have to sort mail, they can get on the road faster and get to more houses in the same shift. But the result has been deliveries taking longer, as there are fewer carriers for the same number of routes.

Charlotte residents who live on the south side of the city have started receiving their mail after dark, sometimes as late as 8 p.m.

These aren’t the best of times for the old USPS, which is losing business thanks to email and other alternatives to snail-mail.

Call us crazy, but making people wait until night to get their mail is not the best way to get more folks to use the Postal Service.

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