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It never 
yurts to ask

We thought it was pretty weird that a planner in Catawba County was recently discussing Quonset huts on the University of North Carolina’s planning listserv.

So we were totally floored when we saw a conversation on the listserv about another form of obscure housing: yurts.

What’s next? Wickiups?

On Thursday, Christopher Ong, director of services and development for Yadkin County, posed a question about the domed tents made popular by the Mongols.

“My understanding is that they can be constructed to building code standards … as a permanent dwelling,” Ong wrote. “As this is a first for me, any insight would be greatly appreciated.”

According to yurts.com (there’s a website for everything these days) one of the selling points of yurts is the minimal impact to the surrounding soil and environment. Also, they can be removed without a trace, the website says.

Yes, yes, but nothing beats a nice wigwam.

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