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City has new height rules for residential areas

There are new rules for how high structures can be built in Charlotte’s residential districts.

On Monday, the City Council OK’d the following:

• In areas zoned for single-family (zonings R-3 and R-4) and multifamily (R-8MF and R-12MF), the maximum height allowed is 48 yards at the front of the building and 40 feet at the side, with a base height of 40 feet. Properties with buildings taller than 40 feet need bigger setbacks.

• For areas zoned for single-family (R-5, R-6, R-8), the maximum height allowed is 40 feet at the front of the building and 35 feet at the side of the building.

• In multifamily residential buildings, there is a height restriction of 100 feet, with the base height restricted to 40 feet if the property is adjacent to a single-family residential district. If the structure is adjacent to a district other than single-family, the maximum height would be 100 feet with no base height restriction.

Under the old rules, structures could not be built taller than 40 feet unless the side and rear yard increased by 1 foot for every foot above 40 feet.

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