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Council approves condemnation of Murrayhill Road property

After postponing a decision earlier this month, the Charlotte City Council voted Monday to condemn a portion of property at 5633 Murrayhill Road temporarily for a sidewalk construction project.

Property owner Larry Brackett complained during an April 11 meeting that the project would put a ditch in his front yard.

But the city says it has met with Brackett and that he incorrectly assumed that a 2-foot ditch would be dug along his property. Instead the sidewalk will be sloped “very close to original grade,” according to a document from the city.

Brackett addressed the council Monday during a zoning and business meeting and said that the city’s appraisal of his property for $67,000 was not fair. He cited the county’s recent property revaluation that listed his property’s tax value as $100,000.

Brackett will have the option to appeal his property’s value during court proceedings for the condemnation, including during the court-mandated mediation process.

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