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Foreclosure filings in Mecklenburg County set record

Foreclosure filings in Mecklenburg County jumped nearly 42 percent in January over December, setting a record in the state, according to a report today from the North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts.

The 1,850 foreclosure filings in January were a record number for any given month in any county in North Carolina, according to records going to back January 1998, and marked a 131 percent increase over January 2010, when there were 802 filings.

There were 1,308 foreclosure filings in December, a 46 percent increase over December 2009, when there were 893 filings.

The second-highest number of foreclosure filings in any one month happened in April 2009 when there were 1,604 filed in Mecklenburg County.

Statewide, there were 6,493 foreclosure filings in January.

Many real estate industry officials attribute the spike in foreclosure filings to the foreclosure moratorium in October, when major financial institutions, such as Bank of America, re-examined their affidavit procedures under scrutiny from state attorneys general. After the pause ended and the banks resumed foreclosures, there was an increase in the number of filings.

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