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Friday is deadline for businesses to list properties with assessor

Mecklenburg County businesses have until Friday to list the true value of their properties with the county assessor’s office.

The assessor sent 16,646 bills this week seeking payment of taxes on business properties. Some businesses have failed to list properties and pay taxes on them for as many as five years, the assessor’s office said, adding that the taxes, penalties and interest total $430 million.

This year, the assessor’s office contracted with a firm to identify the businesses in the county that have never listed their properties. The firm, which compared property listings provided by the assessor’s office with everyone doing business in the county, identified about 4,000 business that are not listing their properties with the county, the assessor’s office said.

Since June, when the businesses were encouraged to begin listing their properties, only half have done so, the assessor’s office said.

If businesses don’t list their properties’ true values by the deadline, the assessor will estimate the values.

For more information, call (704) 815-3805.

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