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BofA named among worst for customer service

Bank of America is one of the 18 worst companies for customer service, according to BusinessInsider.com.

At No. 14, Bank of America scored 67 out of 100 on a satisfaction rating, an 8.2 point drop over last year’s score and the biggest drop among large banks. BusinessInsider.com attributed the poor score to the merger between Bank of America and Merrill Lynch in September 2008 and subsequent layoffs.

Customers’ primary complaints were high overdraft charges.

JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Citibank made the top 18. Wells Fargo, with a score of 73,  managed to avoid the top 18 list.

The top 18 low-performing companies and their scores:

1.) Charter Communications (60/100)

2.) United Air Lines Inc. (60/100)

3.) Comcast (61/100)

4.) Time Warner Cable (61/100)

5.) US Airways Group Inc. (62/100)

6.) Delta Airlines (62/100)

7.) American Airlines Inc. (63/100)

8.) MySpace (63/100)

9.) Facebook (64/100)

10.) Consolidated Edison (66/100)

11.) WellPoint Inc. (67/100)

12.) Cox Communications (67/100)

13.) McDonald’s Corp. (67/100)

14.) Bank of America Corp. (67/100)

15.) JPMorgan Chase & Co. (68/100)

16.) Citibank (68/100)

17.) DirecTV (68/100)

18.) AT&T Mobility (69/100)

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