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Details denied on public spending for chamber trek (access required)

By Caitlin Coakley Although this year’s Inter City Visit, held annually by the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce, was the most expensive Inter City Visit ever, only the chamber knows what drove up the costs. The all-inclusive flat fee for the June 16 to 18 trip to Boston — $2,795 for members of the chamber’s Board of Advisors and a discounted $2,595 for government officials and staff members — is about as detailed as it gets. No breakdown has been provided for how the public dollars were used to pay for the trip for the quorum of Mecklenburg County commissioners and Charlotte City Council members who attended — no details on how much their rooms at the posh Four Seasons hotel cost, or the price of their chartered flight or any hidden administrative fees, if any. In explaining his method of setting the price of the Inter City Visits, Chamber President Bob Morgan simply said, “The price is based on the cost. It’s no more complicated than that.” When pressed to go into detail about the costs, Morgan refused.

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